Thursday, February 9, 2012

RootsTech Live Stream Schedule

Last night, TCGS Members attending our general meeting saw an overview of the very successful RootsTech 2012 Conference. It was mentioned that the now-videotaped sessions are running at the site but no schedule had been posted.

Dick Eastman posted a list of the sessions that were available through Live Stream. This list should help with finding the session you want to listen to.

The link will take you to the EOGN blog where Dick posted a list of each day's sessions and the times they would occur. Do not worry about the exact times, but calculate the length of each presentation to approximate where you might find them in the now-playing live stream repeats.

Here's your link:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

At RootsTech!

TCGS Members, Are you following RootsTech?

Classes are available to follow by going to The directions are pretty straight-forward.  The live streaming seems to be playing over and over, so you won’t miss them even if you are not home at the exact same time they are being presented.

Please leave your comments on this blog or Facebook so I can incorporate them in my presentation.

Thanks for your help and hope you enjoy the conference as much as we are.