Sunday, March 26, 2017


Preferably alive. In fact, only alive for this job! Often in genealogy we are looking for dead people but not this time. I’m looking for someone to help with blogging for the monthly TCGS meetings. If you are interested please contact me at

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Beginners’ Class: Birth Records

Wednesday evening’s TCGS Beginners’ Class described how vital records evolved into what we have today. Then a brief overview was given about birth records.

The information about birth records was given machine-gun style because of time and the amount of information to cover.

The handout is designed to allow attendees to retrace the steps used to create the presentation and find more information about the topic covered. 

Here is a link to the handout if you did not get one or if you would like the hotlinks provided in the handout: March: Beginners' Class Vital Records Handout

Next month we will be reviewing Marriage Records. This may take two meetings as there is a lot more information to cover with marriage records than there was with birth records.

Happy Hunting!