Sunday, July 1, 2012

TCGS Member Marilyn Swanda Earns Washington State Pioneer Certificate

Marilyn SwandaMarilyn Swanda was recently awarded the Washington State Pioneer Certificate for her research on her grandfather, Adam Scroggie. Her grandfather was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 1862 and emigrated to Washington in 1889. Adam Scroggie homesteaded in 1891 in Spokane County and worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad in Sprague in 1895. Family tradition holds that Adam was a stow away on a ship carrying cattle to the U.S.

Marilyn proves that attending TCGS monthly meetings is worthwhile. She learned about the Washington State Pioneer Certificates at one of our monthly meetings. She says she believes she may have other ancestors who emigrated to Washington before 1900 and plans to pursue certificates for those ancestors as well.