Sunday, March 6, 2011

March General Meeting

Just a reminder that our general TCGS meeting is this Wednesday, 7pm, at Parkview Estates.

Our own Sandra Floberg will be the presenter. She has conducted her own survey of the 10 most popular reference books we should all consider having in our homes.

Her intention is to help us decide which books we would like Barnes and Noble to stock prior to our fund-raiser in May.

If you like what you hear and decide there are some books you would like to consider buying, be sure to get your requests to Susan Faulkner right away. She will have Barnes and Noble order in the books for you to review. No pressure to buy (although your purchases on that day will benefit TCGS and help fund our Washington State Genealogical Society Annual meeting in September.)

After Sandra's presentation, we will provide more information so that you can prepare for our next big event, the Barnes and Noble TCGS Fundraiser, May 21st.

Stay tuned for more details.

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