Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Make TCGS a Part of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions

Wednesday evening, Richard Allen, the director of the Richland Family History Center will speak on “FamilySearch”.

In the webinar, “10 Ways to Jump Start Your Genealogy” by Thomas MacEntee, just aired this evening, it was suggested you join a genealogy society and “Get Out!” to freshen your perspective and re-energize your research.

Starting your New Year with Richard Allen introducing us to all that is new with FamilySearch certainly could help us “jump start our genealogy.”

Make a resolution today to attend all that TCGS has to offer. You may be surprised at all you will have gained by December.

7pm Parkview Estates 7820 W Sixth Avenue in Kennewick

See ya there!

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1 comment:

  1. Thoms MacEntee's webinar was excellent and he was right! Joining TCGS has advanced my knowledge of genealogy, helped me network, freshened my perspective, kept me up-to-date on changes in genealogy techniques, provided new opportunities and introduced me to some wonderful people.

    I'm so glad my schedule now allows me to attend. Looking forward to tonight's program!